Expert witness for legal firms regarding accidents involving electric

power systems, electrocutions and communication facilities.

  1. Previous Expert Witness Services

  2. Tree conflicts with overhead power lines and resulting

  3. Crane activities and contacts with overhead power lines.

  4. Fallen overhead conductors (wires) resulting in fires and property loss.

  5. Construction of buildings in proximity to overhead power

  6. Property fires and damage resulting from failure of utility facilities.

  7. Small boat contacts with overhead power and telephone lines.

  8. Third party contacts with electrical facilities that were energized in error.

  9. Communication cables and facilities.

  10. Familiar with standard line inspection procedures required by General Order 95 and the NESC.

We are available for consulting or as an expert witness on cases in the following areas:

Car & pole contacts Crane contacts
Tree contacts Power line design
Fires caused by power lines Boating contacts
Requirements of G. O. 95 Power line clearances
National Electric Safety Code Requirements of G. O 128
Underground design Crane safety devices
Personal injury Electrocutions
Communication line design