A.  Occupational Experience

Over thirty-nine years of public utility experience evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of additions and modifications to electrical, communication and gas systems.  Hands-on working experience of all disciplines and practices involving design and construction of electric distribution and transmission systems, gas distribution systems and communication systems.

  1. Design of both overhead and underground electric distribution and transmission as well as gas distribution systems.

  2. Supervised construction, planning, design and Right-of-Way personnel.

  3. Assigned to provide formal training to new associates in the above disciplines.

  4. Three years as On-Duty Supervisor which provided non business hour supervision to correct outage problems and other events involving utility facilities.

  5. Designed distribution and transmission systems for both private and military installations.

  6. Design of communication distribution systems, both fiber and copper cable.

  7. Familiar with standard line inspection procedures required by General Order 95 and the NESC.

  8. Familiar with industry standard tree trimming procedures and trimming requirements.

B. Publications and Instruction

Extensive knowledge of California’s Public Utility Commission General Order 95 for overhead construction, and General Order 128 for underground construction. Have knowledge also of FED and CAL OSHA, National Electric Code, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and Title 8 Industrial Relations Subchapter 5 Electrical Safety Orders.

  1. Provided General Order 95 and joint use of utility facilities training to San Diego Gas & Electric Co., Pacific Bell, General Telephone and Cable Television Companies.
  2. Developed training aids and lesson plans for the above seminars.
  3. Provided training to foreman, supervisors, planners and designers concerning climbing and working space, guy sectionalizing, high voltage signs and vertical clearances.

C. Credentials

President of Geodanlis Consultants Incorporated which assists Engineers, Builders and the Construction Industry with the utility portion (gas, electric telephone and cable TV) of the design and development for a project.

  1. Provide coordination between builders, developers and the utility companies.
  2. Review projects for schedule efficiency and cost effectiveness, coordinating the designs of all involved utility companies.
  3. Design of electrical transmission and distribution systems.
  4. Design of communication distribution systems.
  5. Qualified design contractor for electric overhead and underground distribution systems.

D. Background

Expert witness for legal firms regarding accidents involving electric power systems or electrocutions.

  1. Provide assistance with Cal and Fed OSHA, Army Corp of Engineers Safety Manual, NESC and G.O. 95 requirements.
  2. Explained the nature of utility operating procedures and standards.
  3. Assisted both plaintiffs and defendants in various cases.

E. Previous Expert Witness Services

  1. Tree conflicts with overhead power lines and resulting injury.
  2. Crane activities and contacts with overhead power lines.
  3. Fallen overhead conductors (wires) resulting in fires and property loss.
  4. Construction of buildings in proximity to overhead power lines.
  5. Property fires and damage resulting from failure of utility facilities.
  6. Small boat contacts with overhead power and telephone lines.
  7. Third party contacts with electrical facilities that were energized by error.

F. Affiliations

As a member of the Public Utility Commission Rules Committee for General Order 95/128 we have access to the latest changes involving construction clearances and requirements.

Additionally we are qualified, and currently work as an outside design contractor for SDGE which allows us to stay up to date as changes in design and costs occur.  As a result our service is a greater value to you.